Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

6-9 November 2003 at Uppsala's Skandiascenen

Performed by Teater Monsun
Directed by Daniel Cramér
Music by Girilal Baars

The play's director, Daniel Cramér, impressed me with their performance a A Midsummer Night's Dream, in June 2002. I decided that I need to make the music for their next production and, well, Daniel liked the idea, too...
The music for the play is a combination of typical theatre sounds—atmospherics, effects, etc—and electronic manipulations of what could have been traditional theatre music. Theremin is featured in the music, which would be, I thought, perfect, as I was to be present on stage throughout the play and the theremin is such a visual instrument. However, in the end it wasn't possible to have me on stage ... But, hey, the theremin is also a very audible instrument!


The Cast


Orsino, the Duke of Illyria Jan Gezelius
Viola, later disguised as Cesario Marie Öberg
Sebastian, her twin brother David Bexelius
Captain Antonio, Sebastian's best friend Daniel Cramér
Olivia, daughter of a count Annika Kilberg-Olsson
Maria, Olivia's chamber-maid Britta Ivarsson-Posnert
Baron Tobias Rap, Olivia's uncle Inge Jansson
Baron Andreas Bleck af Nosen, Tobias' friend Ulf Näsholm
Malvolio, Olivia's servant Leif Åman
Fabian Stefan Siewertz
The Fool (Feste), in service at Olivia's houshold Janne Lindqvist
Mr Magic–Valentin, Curio, Captain, priest NN

(I have used the names as the appear in the Swedish translation)