After Life

Four Stories of Torture

a documentary by Mervi Junkkonen

photo by Mervi Junkkonen




The Film

Kebi, Serge, Musa, and Hector come from different parts of the world, but they have one thing in common: they have all been tortured in their home countries. Contrary to their expectations, they survived the torture and they now all live in Finland. Life goes on, but with certain limitations. The torture has had a severe impact on them. It has affected their minds, self-esteem and sleep. And the rise of an anti-immigration atmosphere in Finland does not help the situation. In the film, the stories of the four men are interwoven into a common experience of what it is like to try to live on after being tortured.

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Documentary, 58 minutes, 2011

Director, script writer: Mervi Junkkonen
Cinematographer: Vesa Taipaleenmäki
Editor: Annukka Lilja and Mervi Junkkonen
Sound design: Esa Nissi
Music: Girilal Baars
Production: Mika Ronkainen / Klaffi Productions
With the support of YLE TV1, Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation


Quality Award of Finnish Council for Cinema, Finland 2012