Ballet de la Nuit

dance video Franck Boulègue


Ballet de la Nuit is a 13-hour screendance work comissioned by the Centre de vidéo-danse de Bourgogne in France. The concept was inspired by Le Ballet royal de la Nuit of 1653, a one-time performance ritual, during which the young Louis XIV at age 15 danced the role of Apollo, emerging as the Sun King  at the end of a long performance.

In late spring 2017 I was selected as one of 13 composers to create an hour-long piece of music that was then sent to one of 13 selected screendance creators. In my case, my collaborator is the French artist Franck Boulègue.

The whole project – all 13 hours – was premiere in Cerisy, France on the 17 May 2018.
More information here.