Body Unsung

album 2023

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Body Unsung is a triptych of tracks with the same strict approach: using only Girilal Baars's voice and granulation-free processing of the live voice. No pre-recorded samples, backing tracks or presets were used, nor were any electrons harmed in the process.
1 White, Belyj, Hvit 14’29’’
2 20th Century God 8’39’’
3 The Bonnie Banks o Fordie 15’38’’

White, Belyj, Hvit mixes excerpts from a poem by Nadezhda Lvova and lyrics by Girilal Baars. The Russian poet Nadezda Lvova (1891-1913) shot herself in her heart with a pistol when her older and married lover distanced himself from her. The song is a rumination on power and privilege, on innocence and guilt.

20th Century God - is a poem by the Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov (1885-1922) in which he is exploring the rise and coming rule of the young century’s new deity – electricity. The doomsday aesthetics and the incantation-like rendering of the text are inspired by the poem and it's imageries of the accelerating urbanization and industrialization of turn-of-the-last-century Russia.

The Bonnie Banks o Fordie is based on the eponymous Scottish ballad (Child 14). It tells of a robber who assaults three sisters, threatening to kill them unless they marry him. Dispatching the first two sisters after their refusals, the third sister confronts him and they discover that he is actually the long-lost brother. Guilt overwhelms the robber and he kills himself.

Nature Always Wins

released 8 July 2023

performed and produced by Girilal Baars
cover by Siôn Rees
graphics by Patrik Sporrong