Caro vera infirma

video (2017)

Duration: 12 minutes
Director: Natasha Dahnberg
Camera: Mervi Junkkonen, Andreas Gejke
Sound: Rickard Sporrong & Girilal Baars
Music: Girilal Baars

Caro vera infirma is an art video by Natasha Dahnberg. It is the fourth and final film that is a reflection on the last 24 hours of my father’s life, which Natasha witnessed. It was filmed in the Anatomic Theater in Gustavianum in Uppsala.

Natasha Dahnberg wanted to work with a metaphor of showing how the human soul prepares for the meeting with death. At the same time she was interested in the same questions Rembrandt raised in his The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp. What is the most important motivation of the scientist: humanism or curiosity?