Cyb:orgic Sapiens®

utopia of a synthetically reinforced human


Cyborgic Sapiens was the first piece of music I wrote for Mikko Kallinen. The premiere was in 2004 at Zodiak in Helsinki. It's a piece 40 minutes long solo piece and a tremendous physical challenge for Mikko. The music was pre-recorded for the original shows in 2004. In 2006, we revived it at Korjamo (Helsinki). However, this time it was just under a half-hour long and I performed the music live, having converted the piece to a sample-based laptop nightmare!

[A couple of years later, I also made a shorter, fixed media version of this music.]



[the music for this dance is intended to resonate with organic states of being without the benefit of organic sources...thus lifeless sources are manipulated to create life where first there was only noise]



The solo choreography Cyb:orgic Sapiens® originates in the collaboration of Mikko Kallinen and Mikko Anttilainen. The starting point is the study of the effects of ”extra body parts” in movement and direction when the extremeties of movement accents are elongated. The biology of the body is already ambiguous: a human being can be a partially mechanized cyborg with pacemakers and artificial limbs. The cyborg of this work is Mikko Anttilainen’s graduating work in Industrial Design.


Photo: Mikko Anttilainen

This solo premiere by Mikko Kallinen began with the ten minute dance and animation video Absolute Beings. It portrays the differences in movement qualities of humans and industrial robots through geometric movement. The movements of the dancer are seen from the viewpoint of the robot, a robot being the pre-primary stage of a cyborg...

  Mikko Kallinen has studied dance at the Ballet Rambert and the Merce Cunningham Studios. His choreographies combine new technologies, design, computer animation, video and electronic music. Outside of Finland, Kallinen’s works have been presented at the Aerowaves Festival in London and in Lisbon, Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen. His video Black+White received a special mention at the Cannes Grand Prix International Video Dances

A small photo gallery with more pictures from the visually stunning CYB:ORGIC SAPIENS®