Double Up

album 2023

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Double Up was recorded in Berlin in January 2023. Having played together for the first time only six months earlier at the sadly defunct Berlin venue Au Topsi Pohl, Isabel and Girilal decided that an album was called for. The sessions took place during two rainy days at Kühlspot (you can hear the raindrops clatter on the metal rooftop in silent moments on some tracks).

1 Truog 1'43''’
3 Angusrhythm 12’38’’
4 Zerruption 4’42’’
5 Double Up 3’49’’
6 Ur Sprung 6’03’’

Isabel Rößler is a German jazz bassist and improviser. After studying music in Nuremberg and Tallinn, she moved to Berlin in 2019. She is very active in the city's fluid free improv scene and became a steady member of the Bigband The Omniversal Earkestra", performing every Monday. Besides her numerous collaborations with local and international artists, she has toured with her trio Flut all over Germany and eastern Europe.


Rinnzekete Recordings

released 28 October 2023

performed and produced by Isabel Rößler and Girilal Baars
cover photo by Isabel Rößler
cover by Girilal Baars