Flickan och Grodan

The Girl and the Frog

a short film by Eva Högberg

A girl strolling down a country-side road finds a frog and falls in love. This satirical short film could be said to depict the short-comings of our modern concept of beauty and perfection.

Short film, 4'10'', 2003
Produced, directed, filmed and edited by
Eva Högberg
Animations by Ulla-Stina Hjorth and Robert Aronsson
The girl: Unn Harsem
The flying man: Fredrik Bagge
Music by Håkan Almkvist, Girilal Baars and Patrik Sporrong
Produced by Gretafilm, Sweden


The music for this short film was made by Patrik, Håkan and myself on a long Sunday afternoon using a basic set-up of electronically transmogrified electric guitar, voice and theremin and almost straight-forward electric bass. We refrained from Mickey-Mousing and from commenting on the story. Instead we decided to parallel the events with a soundtrack that would have further inspired the film's characters if they could have heared it.