Handmade music from Tuva to Tennesse

Live at Ekocafeét. Photo by Mervi Junkkonen

Jan Gezelius – double-bas, ukulele and vocals

Ulf Eklund – percussion, guitar and vocals

Girilal Baars – vocals, guitars, doshpulur, mandolin


The music of Girilal Baars Trio is meticulously selected from our many and changing influences. We look for songs that suit our tongue, though they come in many different languages. So, we play songs I wrote years ago, throat singing from Tuva, Finnish Gypsy songs, songs in strange languages, brand-new songs, a few a capellaand even a song by Tom Waits. We don't strive for the mix to be eclectic, it's just that these songs speak to us, trigger in us a need to re-arrange them and re-channel them. And always the music must be intimate, which is easy, once you've made friends with the songs.

The three of us have been playing together since 2001, though Ulf and I go way back. In fact, he is the one who got me started on making music for real... Girilal Baars Trio have performed on the Swedish radio and received a grant from SAMI, the Swedish recording artists association.

a plucked instrument from Tuva