a silent film by Lars Swärd

The beautiful poster for the shows 10 May 2003 (by Patrik Sporrong)

The film Imperfektum is based on old legend told among the students in Uppsala since the 1800s about two friends who make a pact that the first one to die will come back and visit his friend at midnight the day of his own funeral.

Thriller/ghost, 25minutes, 1941
Written, directed and edited by Lars Swärd
Filmed by Tord Andersson, K.G. Norlén and G. Lundblad
Starring: Lars Swärd, Gunnar Lundblad, Stig Beausang, Tord Andersson and others
Music by Håkan Almkvist, Girilal Baars, and Patrik Sporrong
Produced by Uppsala Studenters Filmstudio, Sweden

Håkan, Patrik and I made this music improvising with our set up of electric/electronic guitar, theremin, voice, percussion and electric bass.
The music was performed live, accompanying the film at the festival of silent movies organised by Uppsala Filmstudion on 10 May 2003. We performed as Kapoor and the other bands performing on this occasion were Caterpillar Ghost (rock) and Galder (folkmusic).