Inside the Inner Space Outside the Outer Space

choreography by Mikko Kallinen

music by Girilal Baars

Inside the Inner Space Outside the Outer Space is a 20 minute piece performed by Mikko Kallinen and Katri Manner. It was premiered in September 2004 in Helsinki.



Unusually for Mikko, this is a duet. In the piece, the two dancers explore each other's complex spaces, i.e. the space created by their limbs and torsos. They move in and around each other, exploring perhaps the definition and limits of the boundary between Inside and Outside.

   For this piece, Mikko was willing to let me use only voice to create the music for the entire performance. I used recordings of just my own voice and though it is at times heavily treated, it always retains the characteristics of a human voice.
   For me the importance of voice is not that I am at heart a singer, but that we as human beings are irrevocably attached to it. I think our perception of voice is likely to be different that our perception of other sounds around us, because we all possess our own voice and we are forever relating our own selves to other selves.