The Incoherent Truth

Electroacoustic composition

Duration: 6'40''
Composed: 2009
2 channels fixed media

The Incoherent Truth is originally a live piece for theremin and tape. I made he tape from recordings of friends breathing, coughing and choking. Performed live Saturday 31 May 2008 as part of the LJUDmotLJUD concert on one of Stockholms busiest and most polluted streets – Hornsgatan. In 2009 I edited and mixed the recorded live version down to this fixed media version that was subsequently performed at Elektronsöndag in Gävle 26 June 2011.

Although the piece was inspired by the anti-pollution event that it was made for, the title is aan obvious paraphrase of Al Gore's 2006 film The Inconvenient Truth. Make of that what you will.