An Action-Event
Galleri 1, Uppsala November 2001
Ekeby Qvarn, Uppsala, March 2002

N+N are the two artists Nito Vega and Nanna Castillo from Uppsala. They planned this action-event in which they were locked up in individual, adjoining cages. Three youngsters in military attire served shots of Jamaican Rum. I was hidden behind the tarpaulin that also covered the entire room, making the room itself claustophobic and prison-like.
  The theme of Who's Next is incarceration and freedom, reminding the audience of the fate of millions of people around the world who are unable to enjoy their rightful freedom. But also a reminder of our own definitions of freedom in a society ruled by media and fashoin and, well, money, I guess.

The performance came to a dramatic end when the audience took the cages apart, apparently in anger and excitement. I couldn't know since I couldn't see what was going on, but I was accompanying the events with my music from behind the tarpaulin.

The second date, at Ekeby Qvarn was different in that we had the audience standing among huge cages and the large room was teeming with various participants, though Nito and Nanna were the main characters. I followed Nanna around like a living soundtrack.

The instruments I have used for these events were my voice, M'biras (thumb-pianos) and steel bowls   A reviewer in Uppsala Nya Tidning wrote that about the first of the two dates that the action-event was an immediate physically portrayal, focusing on relevant and overwhelming issues.