Rösta på Fylkingen

Voice Festival at Fylkingen

Curated by Girilal Baars and Johannes Bergmark

Rösta på Fylkingen is a festival for experimental music using voice. The first RPF was held in November 2011.. Four new editions have been organised since.

26-27 November. 2011             Rösta på Fylkingen
                      5-6 June 2012             Rösta på Fylkingen Igen
                  19 April 2013             Rösta på Fylkingen 3
               11 October 2014
            Rösta på Fylkingen IV
                  21 April 2017             Rösta på Fylkingen V

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The name of the festival is a pun in Swedish, "rösta" meaning both voice and vote for. Some of the festivals have been loosely organised around themes, but mostly we have invite exciting voice performers that we know or have hear of.