a documentary by Mervi Junkkonen

The main character, Saana (photo by Mervi Junkkonen)


For Saana, nature has always been a dear friend and a source of inspiration. But her dream of an organic farm is shattered when her own body fails her. As Saana's condition gets worse, she has to find a new direction for her life without losing herself.

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Documentary, 44 minutes, 2003
Directed and filmed by Mervi Junkkonen
Edited by Katja Pällijeff, M. Junkkonen
Sound by Anne Tolkkinen
Music by Girilal Baars
Producer Sonja Lindén
Un. of Art & Design, Helsinki, Finland


The music for this 40 minute long documentary is made using my voice as the main instrument. The director, Mervi Junkkonen, wanted a natural and heartfelt atmosphere and what could be more appropriate than the human voice. In other parts instruments like m'bira/thumb-piano and Tuvan khomus/jew's harp provide more of the earthy and warm feeling that the film inspires. The most important job I had was to make music that could capture the character and moods of the film's subject, Saana herself. The production was full of challenges and lessons learned and killing-my-darlings, as this was the longest film that I had made music at that point. And that's what made it so much fun.


The crew with Saana and her boyfriend after the premiere in April 2003